See How They Run, 2019

Production Staff

  • Artistic Director/ Director: Kristin DuBois
  • Technical Director: Hart DuBois
  • Production Manager: Donna Baumann
  • Stage Manager: Mandy Spengler


(In order of appearance)

  • Ida the Maid: Jordann Langner
  • Miss Skillon: Ashley Rinehart
  • The Reverend Lionel Toop: Brayden Rodriguez
  • Penelope Toop: Kaitlin Haley
  • Corporal Clive Winton: Wesley Blankenbehler
  • The Intruder: Andy Myers
  • The Bishop of Lax: Zach Arbogast
  • The Reverend Arthur Humphrey: Hart DuBois
  • Sergeant Towers: Mandy Spengler