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Season 11, 2016-2017

Everybody Loves Opal
It's a Wonderful Life
Let Your Hair Down Rapunzel

Season 10, 2015-2016

Godspell 2016
Steel Magnolias
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever 2015
The Sound of Music

Season 9, 2014-2015

The Rules of Comedy
Schoolhouse Rock
The Snow Queen
Snow White

Season 8, 2013-2014

The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet
How To Eat Like a Child 2014
Miracle on 34th Street

Season 7, 2012-2013

The Odd Couple
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Season 6, 2011-2012

Parlor Games
The Rented Christmas

Season 5, 2010-2011

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever 2010
Hansel & Gretel

Season 4, 2009-2010

Clue, the Musical
A Christmastime Review 2009
The Trial of Goldilocks

Season 3, 2008-2009

Godspell 2009
A Christmastime Review 2008
King Arthur's Calamity

Season 2, 2007-2008

How to Eat Like a Child 2008
A Christmastime Review 2007
Hyronomous A. Frog

Season 1, 2006-2007

Tom Sawyer
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever 2006